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Game Description: Dress and un-dress a sexy lady! Over 18s only please....

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selenA 2011-09-26
ya r just being stpd sl*ts and also bein bit*hes
vinny 2011-07-30
hey alison im vinny i want to see those pics you seem hot
alison 2011-07-26
i sleep and skinny dip, wich means i swim naked. i always swim naked and go around my house naked, but my parents doesn't driver tried to have sex wid me but i just let him lick my d*ck, , and kiss my boobies. he's quite good actually.i've got bigger boobies than britney spears and beyonce, i always reveal my boobs wherever i go, like i always wear a transparent bra and undies and i always either wear spaghetti straps or a tube top. and i never ever wear a full piece swimsuit, i wore a bikini since i cud learn how to swim.
alison 2011-07-26
any hot boyz wanna chat with me, i'm on fb. if ya want me to post naked and really sexy and revealing pics of me, then i'll be extremely happy. i've already got tumblr and blogger and i've got some naked pics there. i'm sao sexay that boys push me to my locker and they just button off my shirt and peek inside. and omg, my teacher thinks i'm sao pretty, and hot. he was staring at me the other day cos my button wasn't buttoned and i didn't wear any bra, so my boobs kinda showed n i didnt wear any undies as well and my as* was in his face when it was time to go. so yeah i've got some boobies.
alison 2011-07-26
she's damn sexy, but my boyfriends are sitting next to me and they think that i'm more sexier, which i'm not. oh sh*t, , one of my boyz are taking of my clothes. eeww, i think they wanna see my boobies and puss*. . i better watch out or they might put their pen*s on my *ick, , i'd like that. they might lick my dic*. .